R API Examples

This section lists a few examples in R. These are the same files that can be found in the examples directory of the distribution, and show the basic usage of the R API.

Example 1: First steps


This example shows how to

  • read an AMPL model

  • reassign values to parameters

  • solve the model

  • display the objective function value

Example 2: Get and set AMPL options


This example shows how to:

  • get and set AMPL options

Example 3: Operate with multidimensional data


This example shows how to:

  • Use R data.frame objects to assign values to multidimensional parameters

Example 4: Assign all data to a model and solve it


This example shows how to:

  • Assign all the data necessary to generate a model instance programmatically

Example 5: Build an efficient frontier


This example shows how to:

  • build an efficient frontier by repeteatly solve a portfolio problem in AMPL

Example 6: Simple heuristic


This example shows how to:

  • Do a simple heuristics for solving a QMIP problem, using the relaxed solution as a hint